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Welcome to StickerSouq

StickerSouq is one stop shop for personalised stickers, wall stickers & personalised t-shirts. You can personalise stickers in millions of colours from dozens of available sizes. The stickers can be personalised for different applications, occasions and purposes. We offer the widest variety of choices for all personalised t-shirts.


Coloured Stickers 51 mm x 25 mm

Coloured Stickers, 51mm x 25mm 10 pcs Style Clear/Transparent

AED 33.33

Plain Silver Sticker 22 mm x 09 mm

Plain Personalised Stickers, 22mm x 09mm 100 pcs

AED 33.33

Plain Blue Sticker 90 mm x 50 mm

Plain Personalised Stickers, 90mm x 50mm 10 pcs

AED 33.33

Africa Map

Customised Wall Decals, Map, Travel 100 cm x 100 cm

AED 200.00

Airplaine Customised Name Banners

Customised Name Banners , Children 100 cm x 100 cm

AED 200.00

Plain Laser Sticker 30 mm x 15 mm

Plain Personalised Stickers, 30mm x 15mm 45 pcs

AED 25.93

Beige Quilling Paper

Quilling Kits, Tools, Papers & Books , Quilling Paper, Solid Colour Quilling Paper 1/8"

AED 7.41